Welcome to Seva Seed

Inspiring Change One Pad At A Time


What We Do

We are a community-led initiative based in Singapore. Our goal is to create environmental and social change through revitalised menstrual practices. We encourage the use of reusable cloth pads & low-waste menstrual hygiene alternatives.

Together with volunteers, we lead education campaigns and sewing workshops teaching others how to make their own reusable pad as well as how to lead healthier and more environmentally sustainable lifestyles. ​


Our Values

Saving Our Planet

Using reusable cloth pads help reduce non-biodegradable waste. It takes 500-800 years to decompose a disposable pad.

Chemical Free Lifestyle

Reusable cloth pads are 100% non-toxic for our bodies and promote well being through the menstrual cycle,

Women's Empowerment

We believe in every woman's right to bleed and support underprivileged women in shattering stigmas related to menstruation.

Community Building

We grow communities through learning and engagement. Through volunteer activities and educational campaigns, we wish to broaden the conversation of our collective environmental impact and how to live lower-waste lifestyles together.

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Charity Ride: Cycle Talk. Period

In celebration of International Women's Day, join us for ride and run to normalise conversations and change attitudes towards menstruation. As women, we are conditioned to dim down our power and become shameful of our naturally functioning bodies. This initaitive is started by fellow woman abassador, Agnieszka, or short for Aga. She hopes to ride and inspire others to break down social and educational barriers regarding women’s health. The menstrual cycle is rarely framed as something beneficial or positive. With this intiative, the hope is to gather and broaden the conversation amongst women on how to love and also work with our bodies in everyday life, work, sport and relationships.


Women shall be empowered, knowing that their body belongs to them, that they have a choice and a say.

On international women’s day we are meant to gather in community to support each other while we learn, grow and heal. On Saturday the 12th , you are invited to get on your bike and ride or just run as far as you can to show support for yourself, your mum, your sister, your partner, your daughter, your friend and all of us. Help us spread awareness about menstrual education and women’s health practices.


How it works:

- Make your donation to Seva Seed; any amount is fine! 

- Join the Strava Club to make your effort count; once we reach a total distance of 803 km Anso representing Maersk will match the donation.