Pad Advocates


Re-looking at 
menstrual practices in healthier, sustainable ways



Saving our Planet

Using reusable cloth pads help reduce non-biodegradable waste. It takes 500-800 years to decompose a disposable pad.

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Women's Empowerment

We believe in every woman's right to bleed and support underprivileged women in shattering stigmas related to menstruation. 

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chemical free lifestyle

Reusable cloth pads are 100% non-toxic for our bodies and promote well being through the menstrual cycle, 

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Community Building

We grow communities through learning and engagement. Through volunteer activities and educational campaigns, we wish to broaden the conversation of our collective environmental impact and how to live lower-waste lifestyles together. 

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Get involved


Share a skill

1. Operate a sewing machine to sew cloth pads for us

2. Marketing and PR enthusiasts 

3. Photographers and Videographers

4. Drivers / Logistics and delivery organisers

 5. Seva Seed ambassadors for our community events 

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Volunteer at our events

We host monthly volunteer sessions where we get together to sew and cut material for our pad-making workshops.

We also have ad-hoc volunteer opportunities. Click below to find out how to participate.

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