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We are a community-led initiative based in Singapore. Our goal is to create environmental and social change through revitalised menstrual practices. We encourage the use of reusable cloth pads & low-waste menstrual hygiene alternatives.


Together with volunteers, we lead education campaigns and sewing workshops teaching others how to make their own reusable pad as well as how to lead healthier and more environmentally sustainable lifestyles. ​We engage retired women volunteers to sew reusable pads that are later used for donation or for our workshops in Singapore.

Seva Seed hopes to empower women of all ages in Singapore and around the world with the skills to sew their own reusable cloth pads as well as provide menstrual health education to create an open dialogue about the topic.


Women should never feel ashamed of being on their period - It is their birth right. As menstruation is an experience that transcends culture and class, this is our opportunity and mission to advance social transformation and ecological awareness through our cause.


How We Started

Seva Seed is the brainchild of Miwa Someya and Kathy Gabriel. As early adopters of reusable cloth pads, they decided to bring it to the communities who were in need of menstruation alternatives in Lamu, Kenya when they participated in the Lamu Yoga Festival in 2017.  

At the festival, organisers reached out to participants for sanitary pads donations for the local community due to their high cost and limited access. With passion and interest, Miwa and Kathy decided to offer the girls a different approach, empowering them with the skills to sew their own pad.  

With the help of volunteers in Singapore. and donation of unused bedsheets and cotton shirts or pants,  300 reusable pads were sewn and donated to two schools in Lamu on March 2018: 

1. Shela’s Bright Girls’ Secondary School

2. Wiyoni Secondary School 

In addition to this, Miwa, Kathy and the help of volunteers led two educational workshops and health talks for 400 young girls in Lamu. During the workshop, they spoke about healthy practices during menstruation, how to care for their body during their menstruation cycle as well as how to reuse materials to sew and maintain their own reusable cloth pads.

As a small fishing village with a predominantly Muslim community, this really helped to open a dialogue about a topic that had been considered a “taboo”.​

Upon returning to Singapore, both Miwa and Kathy dedicated time researching the consequences of disposable pads on the environment and women’s health. This led to their interest in championing reusable pads as an alternative to female menstrual hygiene and promote low-waste, eco-friendly lifestyles in Singapore. 

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