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My name is Agnieszka, Aga for short and I am turning 30 this year! 30 - an important mark in your life timeline for everyone to officially perceive you as a mature and responsible adult who is capable of making conscious decision on your own. However, before you enter an adult life, 30th birthday often turns into big, elaborate party, one of those that are hard to forget at least in Poland (where I come from).

That was also a plan for this year, yet the new living norm helped me to look inwards gaining enough wisdom to decide that I want to end my 20s achieving something what I previously considered unachievable. Half Everesting on my bike sounds crazy but there is nothing that can stop me from climbing. Or is there? The only thing that immediately crossed my mind when searching hard for a reason good enough why not to do it is - MY PERIOD.

That got me thinking.

Can the period stop me from achieving my goals? Cramps, pain, mood swings, shame… Can the period ever stop any women from achieving her goals and pursuing her dreams? Shall we be ashamed of our monthly cycle, hibernate and make ourselves invisible?
I strongly believe it is the time to finally break a taboo around the topic.

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** Due to new restrictions and for everyone's safety we are extending the campaign to 6th June. You may complete your ride /run / cycle individually between 28 May - 6th June. Kindly adhere to the restrictions to social gatherings**

Between 28May-6June 2021, a couple of my friends and I will be attempting to cycle the elevation equivalent of Mount Everest (8848.86m). In this Everesting ride up and down Mount Faber (Total 113 Loops), we are raising awareness about menstruation, eco sustainability in women's health & hygiene and also hope to raise enough funds to support women from underprivileged countries.


Traditionally, cycling has been a sport dominated by men, therefore it is an excellent opportunity for us to make use of this event, to gain more attention and support to the women’s health practices through a male-dominated sport. For every meter climbed, we will be donating directly to Seva Seed, a community-led initiative in Singapore for this movement. For more information what Seva Seed uses the money for, kindly click here.


We are aiming to raise S$5,000 amount during this event, and would like to invite you, to join us in raising awareness to support women’s health practices. We welcome everyone who is interested to cycle, run or walk along to join us. 

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to reach out!

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how it works

You can participate and donate an amount that works with you. We only ask for a small minimum donation of S$15 whether you decide to run/walk/cycle OR just encourage me to attempt my personal best. 

For every collective ascent of 2220m (30 full loops), I will be donating S$100 directly to Seva Seed,

 I have a personal goal of achieving 56 loops, which will take me approximately 15 hours or so. 

To give you a better understanding - 1 loop of Mt. Faber is a 75m ascent, and works out to be a 3 km walk/run (up and down). 

Join the our Strava Club to keep track of your participation.