We Need You Help!

One of our biggest struggles as a small non-profit is fundraising. We always need sufficient cash flow to support this website and or various activities and events. Your monetary donations will be used to buy equipment (scissors, thread, needles, buttons) for our pad-making workshops which include printing instruction manuals.

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

Website Management

Yearly maintenance of this website is approximately S$500



  1. Equipment (Scissors, Needle, Thread, Buttons & Instruction Manuals)

  2. Logistics and Local Organisers / Translators

  3. Transportation and shipping of fabric for workshops

Per workshop conducted, the price is approximately S$300

Paid Hires

Finding long term volunteers can be difficult and sometimes we will have to hire help for graphic design, photography, marketing material, logistics and deliveries of items especially during our events.

We spend approximately S$1,000 a year.