We need your help

One of our biggest struggles as a small non-profit is fundraising. We always need sufficient cash flow to support this website and or various activities and events. Your monetary donations will be used to buy equipment (scissors, thread, needles, buttons) for our pad-making workshops which include printing instruction manuals. 

We will also use your donations to purchase machine sewn pads from local women in our various training centres in Kenya, Myanmar and Laos.


Yearly maintenance of this website is approximately



  1. Equipment (Scissors, Needle, Thread, Buttons & Instruction Manuals)

  2. Logistics and Local Organisers / Translators

  3. Transportation and shipping of fabric for workshops

Per workshop conducted, the price is approximately


We conduct around 6 workshops per year hence a yearly maintenance of approximately $1,500


of reusable


To support the local women in various communities, each pad purchased is approximately S$2.70


Each young woman we donate to receives 2-3 pads for her cycle. Together, we donate around 1,500 pads per year in our various communities in Kenya, Myanmar & Laos.

We are grateful to our partners 

Without our respective partners we would not have been able to reach out to the communities who are desperately in need of reusable cloth pads and menstrual health / hygiene education. Through them, we conduct workshops and facilitate pad donations. To find out more about them, check out their websites below. 


PadMad, founded by Madhvi Dalal, is a program involving natural reusable sanitary pads combined with menstrual and hygiene education to prevent any infections. 

INLE SANCTUARY & Phayarta-ung monastery 

Inle Santuary supports local Phayartaung monastery where monks look after over a thousand children who are studying by providing them with bed, food, spiritual guidance and further studies. They support external initiatives that benefit the children. Seva Seed conducts pad workshops and menstrual health education for the girls living there. 


Laos Solidarity works in collaboration with local partners to build sustainable knowledge for the well-being of Laos youth and women. Some of their projects include menstrual hygiene and sanitary health education.